CYBER WORKBOOKS is a web-based curriculum development platform to build and master skills on the job, in your profession, and in school. The platform enables content developers to create modules that effectively teach and measure identifiable standards.

CYBER WORKBOOKS utilizes proprietary authoring wizards that integrate skills such reading comprehension, critical thinking, applied reasoning and creative problem solving into the learning process. These skills have proven to be critical to success in any subject area or industry.

CYBER WORKBOOKS is ideal for instructors, companies and institutions providing educational, professional development , and corporate training programs that seek to cut costs and become more competitive by producing a better product. The platform is easy to use and can be used alone, or integrated into existing content management or delivery systems.

CYBER WORKBOOKS can diagnose strengths and weaknesses, provide a tutorial for review, and measure and evaluate skill competency. The modules can be adapted and customized to meet specific pedagogical goals. To find out more about CYBER WORKBOOKS, check out our website and try the demo.

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