I. Privacy Policy

INNOVATIVE LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES (ILT) is committed to respecting your privacy. We recognize your need for reasonable control of personal information that you share with ILT. Personal information is information that people can associate with you.

ILT collects information to better understand your needs and to develop more effective Cyber Workbooks. ILT collects profile information for diagnostic and assessment purposes only. The sponsoring organization of the Cyber Workbooks Modules can also request information from you which will be included in the profile section.

ILT will not sell your personal information to others.

II. Privacy Principles

III. ILT Mission

ILT is constantly innovating and implementing new features in its software products to provide the best possible user experience. As our software is constantly changing and improving, this policy will continue to evolve as our software evolves. We will provide you with the most up-to-date information when we release new products and revise existing products.